Editing Help

– You probably know the [Math OverFlow][1] or [Math StackExchange][2]. We support the their writing styles, that is, use markdown and mathjax together, and this is the recommended writing style. (demo)
– Besides, mathematicians often use commutative diagrams in their writing, so we add the support of drawing diagrams. (demo)
– We also support the writing style of formulas on [wordpress.com][5], that is, use `$latex some formula here$` to display the formula. (demo)
– Want to paste your whole post written in $\LaTeX$? Oh, this is not supported directly, but you can try some latex to html tools, and then paste the html file, as [Terence Tao][7] do on his blog. (demo)

The magic is we support all the above with a single editor!

[1]: https://mathoverflow.net/
[2]: https://math.stackexchange.com
[5]: https://wordpress.com
[7]: https://terrytao.wordpress.com