Properties of projections in a C*-algebra

A *projection* in a C*-algebra is an element $p$ satisfying $$p=p^*=p^2.$$
(The above equation is equivalent to $p=p^*p$, noting that $p^*=(p^*p)^*=p^*p=p$ and thus $p=p^*p=p^2$.)

**Property 1**. Let $A$ be a C*-algebra, $p$ and $q$ are two projections in $A$. Then $$p\leq q\Leftrightarrow pq=p\Leftrightarrow qp=p.$$

*Proof*. $p \leq q\Rightarrow pq=p$:

Suppose $a=q-p\geq 0$, then \begin{align*}
hence \begin{align*}
Thus $p(1-q)p=0$, $\|p-pq\|^2=\|p(1-q)p\|=0$ and $p=pq$.

**Property 2**.
$$pq=0\Leftrightarrow p\circ q=0$$ where $p\circ q=\frac{pq+qp}{2}$.

*Proof*. If $p\circ q=0$, then $$pq=-qp,$$ hence \begin{align*}pqp=p(pq)p=p(-qp)p=-pqp.\end{align*} So, $pqp=0$, $\|pq\|^2=\|pqp\|=0$, $pq=0$.

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