How to Construct Bott Map

$\newcommand{\T}{\mathbb{T}}\newcommand{\R}{\mathbb{R}}$Suppose $p$ is a projection in $M_n(A^+)$. In order to get a unitary $u$ in $C(\T\to M_n(A^+))$, we only need a continuous function $f:\T\times \{0,1\} \to \mathbb {R}$ and to do the functional calculus on the second variable, that is, let $$u(z) =e^{if(z, p)}.$$
To make $u$ fall into $$K_1(SA)\cong \{[f]|f\in C(\T\to \mathcal U_n(A^+)), f(1)\sim_h 1\},$$
It is sufficient to set $$f(z,x)=|z-1|g(x),$$ where $g$ is a map from $\{0,1\}$ to $ \R$.

To make the map $B: p\mapsto u$ be invertible, we only need that the range of $e^{if(z,x)}$ does not equal to $\T$ and $g$ is invertible. Then the invert of $B$ is likely to be $B^{-1}: u\mapsto g^{-1}( \frac{1}{2 i}\operatorname{Ln} u(-1))$. Here we can simply take $g=\operatorname{id}$.

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