Welcome to Live Advances in Mathematics!

What is Live Advances in Mathematics?

Well, in one word, it is

a Blog Community for the Working Mathematicians to Develop Theories.

Let us explain to you in details:

– **Blog**. Once you register an account, we will set up a personal blog for you. You can express yourself to the world or write some notes for yourself here, such as recording an inspiration on how to solve the problem which has been puzzling you for a long time.
– **For the working mathematicians**. There are and will be a lot of features designed for the mathematicians, as you can see in the section below.
– **Develop theories**. The subject of this site is *thoughts on mathematics*. What you write need not be perfect even need not be correct . Feel free to add or update your post once you have new thoughts or discovery.
– **Community**. Members on this site can communicate with each other, and (will) be encouraged to join in others’s work and show their latest progress.

Current Features

We implement the most basic functions currently:

**Writing Styles**. A [demo][1] is worth thousands of words, see the writing examples [here][1].

1. You probably know the [Math OverFlow][2] or [Math StackExchange][3]. We support the their writing styles, that is, use markdown and mathjax together, and this is the recommended writing style.
2. Besides, mathematicians often use commutative diagrams in their writing, so we add the support of drawing diagrams.
3. We also support the writing style of formulas on [wordpress.com][4], that is, use `$latex some formula here$` to display the formula.
4. Want to paste your whole post written in $\LaTeX$? Oh, this is not supported directly, but you can try some latex to html tools, and then paste the html file, as [Terence Tao][7] do on his blog.

You can use `@` to mention members on this site, and they will receive email notification if they choose the corresponding options.

Our Aims

– The small one:
– The big one:

Register and Login

– Here(https://math.liveadvances.com/test) is a personal blog example on our site.You can use username *test* and password *test1234* to log in and have a glance.
– Click [here][5] to register an account and click [here][6] to log in.
Enjoy your blogging!

[1]: https://math.liveadvances.com/editing-help
[2]: https://mathoverflow.net/
[3]: https://math.stackexchange.com
[4]: https://wordpress.com
[5]: https://math.liveadvances.com/register/
[6]: https://math.liveadvances.com/wp-login.php
[7]: https://terrytao.wordpress.com